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The People of Orlando, FL

Single in the Suburbs

Middle- to upper-income singles living in the suburbs.
Singles ranging in age from 30s to 60s who earn a comfortable income. Some own their homes, and their careers range from management to service industry.

Elder Renters

Urban senior renters.
Retirement-age seniors who live in the city and rent. Low income. Most have a high school education or lower.

Aspiring Urbanites

Urban singles with moderate income.
Low- to middle-income singles over a wide age range. Some have a college education. They work in a variety of occupations, including some management-level positions.

Suburban Trailblazers

Younger suburban immigrants.
Foreign-language-speaking individuals earning lower to middle incomes. Education level varies from high school to college. Some own their homes, while others rent.

Suburban Climbers

Younger suburban singles.
Aspiring singles climbing the corporate ladder and calling the suburbs home. Age ranges from mid-20s to mid-40s. Most rent their homes.

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